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The Village – Where everyone is welcome! New branding & positioning

We believe you deserve quality care and support that's tailored to you and your family.
The Village Nursing Home

The Village – Where everyone is welcome! New branding & positioning

During Covid the Village was running at just over 62% capacity, and we are wanting to get our beautiful village back up to 100% capacity.

What is interesting is that all across America, census numbers are down in nursing homes. After the average occupancy rate dropped to 68 percent in January of 2021, it has only risen slightly; in September 2022, the average occupancy for nursing homes is now 74 percent.

It is predicted that, in the long-run, the facilities that remain open will be those that are more focused on caring for their residents and their quality of life rather than on profits.

The home has been known as Pinetown Nursing Home and The Village, which makes any kind of positioning difficult, and people don’t see it as one and the same thing.

It was agreed with the marketing team that going forward we would be referred to as THE VILLAGE – Where everyone is welcome!

The Village is a community whose members have a sense of “we feeling”. Their relationship is intimate and we engender that feeling in all our residents making them feel valued.

At The Village, our residents want to live in peace and security. They want to be surrounded by sincere, co-operative, hard-working and hospitable nursing sisters, caregivers and domestic workers.

So as a result we redesigned the Logo, with new look and feel and website, as well as new activities for the residents, like animal therapy days, Sunday roast for families and friends, to show the public what we are truly about and have been about for the past 30 years.


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