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Art & Craft Buzz

Our residents have been busy bees these past few months.

First off, they decorated leaf-like fans – which will be most useful come the hot summer days.

Then they created what I can only describe as ‘dazzling suncatchers’ . . .

they sparkle

they mesmerize you

they put a smile on your face.

Each and every one is a unique reflection of the artist-creator.

Our grateful thanks to Sister Carole Rowley for making this project possible.

Also, our thanks to Mrs Marge Jackson for donating a stack of unused CD’s and Mrs Thelma Mackie’s daughter for donating various items for our craft stock.

And lastly, thanks to the Village management and in particular matron Maria for giving us the opportunity to socialise once again, to have fun and make ‘beautiful things’ 😊


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